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Sep 9, 2010 12:00pm PDT
. that is the spirit that brings us together at the swearing in. that should be the spirit that focuses and unites all of us. that is about collaboration, coordination, partnership. not just the public and private partnerships. it is also the public partnerships. it is about getting people to work and reducing anxiety and stress, creating opportunity and building the future of this city by focusing on investing in people and place. i am very grateful that you all took the time to be here. i see you wait too many commissioners to even mention them. -- i see way to mano many commissioners to even mention them along with department heads. i want to thank all of those assembled, family members in particular, for taking the time to come down. we're making a number of new appointments. we are making some reappointment. one that i cannot hesitate to or should not -- john newland and i go way back. i somehow became the president of the commission, i still do not know how that happened. newland came in to replace a former director and took over the show down there. he was running things, dpt for some time. i g
Sep 6, 2010 12:30pm PDT
smooth. if we hit something like an arc logical find, it will stop us in our tracks until we clear that. >> so the last things that goes in is the tracks? >> we are staging the contract that most of the material can be removed through the tunnel. so there will be subbays and temporary track put if for those contracts. >> and those projects could go on? there is nothing to preclude that? >> the actual exit is in north beach. >> this contract includes a tunnel bore machine retraction shift. we go all the way to washington square, and that is where we take the machine out. and all we have to do is close the door over it. if we ever decide there is a phase three, it will be able to spring from that. >> when there is a phase three. >> you mean spring from that, building a washington square station? >> anything that is designed. >> director? >> i think you forth greats presentation. it is very helpful to see this all laid out. a couple of service-related questions. the south terminus at king and 4th. does the t lee keep going down the existing line? >> no. it is going to connect both phases.
Sep 11, 2010 7:00am PDT
just use the money that is sitting in all these financial institutions and guarantee those loans and get people back to work, doing the energy efficiency work that all these mayors are doing quite successfully, and you do it in rural and suburban areas, not just these big metro areas. get people to work, particularly those in the building and construction trades, those that have the highest rate of unemployment. that is the opportunity, and that is where we are trying to communicate, what we are trying to organize around. this is a win on all fronts, and this is being demonstrated in cities large and small across the country. one of the successes of the stimulus plan is the focus on jobs and this economy. i want to thank everybody who is here and think cathy and her team for their leadership, and think mayor foster for helping bring all of you here to our city and county of sentences go. thank you. >> thank you, mayor newsom. >> i would like to bring our partner to the podium, the efficiency secretary, cathy joey. >> thank you all for coming. three quick points. on behalf of the
Sep 2, 2010 1:30am PDT
was approved by the f.t.a., or they gave us favorable comments back july 13. and then resolutions of necessity of board and supervisor packages for both the mosconi and chinatown sections. the board of eminent approval was given approval july 27, just last week. so we are moving now to submit that to the f.t.a. to receive federal approval. i believe the next step, since we now have board of supervisor approval on those properties, is then to get the superior court to weigh in. you see the last two bullets are submitting the tenant relocation plan, which is what is before you today to the board of supervisors for approval, and then the board of supervisors tenant re-election plan approval. just to give you a snapshot of what i just quickly explained, there are five takes in total that we are taking. if you take a look at the chart, the red letters, the mosconi and chinatown locations, you can see where along the problems they are. and then the blue areas indicate where the subway is going to need access for operations and maintenance, and venting. so we have three underground easements for the
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4